How to Clear Any Clogged Drain (Tub and Auger Edition)

If you haven’t check out our previous article in relation to cleaning clogs for your sink or toilet. On this segment we will be explaining the cleaning of tub clogs as well as effective use of an electric auger in any clogged drain. Tub drains are generally slower moving creatures than toilets or sinks and may build up over a period of weeks in most cases. Just like any clog you will want to begin with a plunger to simply try and force the clog through with pressure. There’s a reason the plunger is every plumber’s favorite tool of the trade. Pop the drain and attempt to clear any soap or hair that may be residing there. Then stuff the overflow hole with a wet rag and plunge if getting rid of the soap and hair didn’t quite finish the job. If that fails, get out your auger to do the job.

To use a cable auger, take off the overflow plate to begin feeding the wiring into it. Grab about 30 inches of that sweet wiring and put it into the overflow cavern. Turn that crank with all you are able to muster while pushing forward at the same time until you have made it through the P-trap that will likely be giving you resistance the whole way. Get that cable back to dry land and replace the cover of the escape trap and power some piping hot water down that there drain.

Now that we’ve covered the main types of clogs that can occur in any residence we’re going to try and instruct you on how to properly use a toilet auger and other various types of augers. If your toilet plunger didn’t wreck that toilet clog, you’ll want to grab yourself a closet auger. Put that bad thing into the toilet with the tip facing up. Crank and push down as you hold this tool as steadily as you can manage. Dispense all the cable, including 3 feet of it and get it back by pulling up and cranking. Flush your pretty toilet to get rid of any clogging. If your toilet is still acting a snail be sure to do the same process to the left and right sides of the drain to clear out the whole thing.

We almost forgot to mention how to clear the ever-bothersome floor drain and you are not going to want to miss this part of the show. Your central air, washing machine, and water heater are carrying away wastewater that is carried away under your floor drain. Anything you can imagine ends up being collected under here including soap scum, lint, sand, and slimy bacteria, or even small goblins can be removed. Get your handy dandy electric auger to take care of these pesky drains straight away or call Hurry Curry Plumbing and we’ll get the job done for you. Rent one of those smooth 50-foot-long super powerful auger cables that gets that job done right. Take out the plug to feed your auger right in and feed it directly into the pipe. Your electric auger once it is fed will be able to turn by itself. If you loved this presentation on cleaning out drains you’ll be sure to enjoy “How to Clear Any Clogged Drain” by Merle Henkenius.   

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