How to Clear Any Clogged Drain (Toilet or Sink Edition)

Having trouble with a clogged drainage system in your home or office? Get it fixed with a few easy steps anyone can do. If you don’t get the issue resolved after trying these techniques be sure to contact us, your local plumber, and we’ll get it taken care of right away for you. Dislodge basically any type of clog you can think of without threating the integrity of your pipes or needy to contact us, unless you totally need to of course.

The most common clog that is seen in any home is the clogging of a toilet. Fix this problem with simple tools you can find at most any store. Have you heard of a plunger before? Well certainly you most likely have. Besides toilets a plunger is able to help clear sinks and tubs as well. If your plunger isn’t effectively doing the trick, there are some other tools you can use called a cable auger or plumber’s snake. These long flexible steel cables may range up to 100 feet, though most residential homes will only require approximately 25 feet of length. Closet augers are tools made exactly for cleaning out the toilet and are crafted in such a way to flexibly go through a toilet at the proper angle and is supplied with its very own hand crank. If your experiencing special difficulty with the task of getting out your clog, it’s a big one, or far away from the entry point consider the rental of an electric auger to get the job done. No clog is too strong for this machine. Consult the renting agent to determine how to safely operate any machinery associated with the auger.

The next most common drain to unclog is the sink and this is usually a bit more complex than your average toilet to fix. However, even most sink clogs can be simply solved with a plunger. Just fill the sink with water partially and start plunging like there’s no tomorrow. Use a rag for any double sink to provide pressure and stoppage to the near sink while plunging the other one. Just the same as with the toilet if your plunger is not successful you can use your auger in the same manner. The first measure after the plunging or if the plunging is unsuccessful is to eliminate the sink trap with a wrench. PVC plastic many times may be removed by hand.

Finally, when working with a clogged sink drain your job is to destroy this clog. Unscrew the trap arm to feed the cable of the auger as far as you can go and feel resistance. After doing so crank your cable like your life depended on it in the clockwise direction, allowing the cable to be forced deeper into the pipe. Remove 18 inches of cable and give it another go until you have successfully destroyed the blocked area. If catching results be sure to turn your crank in a counterclockwise motion. When you have successfully eliminated a clog run hot water down a drain to flush it out. If this isn’t working call us and we’ll be glad to help. Tune back in for more clog clearing tips as well as check out the article “How to Clear Any Clogged Drain” by Merle Henkenius.

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