Plumbing in Saginaw, MI

Hurry Curry Plumbing cares about delivering the best plumbing job as quickly as possible. We’re available when you need us the most. You never know when you may need a job done and we’re here to help. From emergency plumbing, leaking pipes, septic inspections, toilet repairs, clogged drains, to drain care products Hurry Curry Plumbing works hard to tackle your most difficult plumbing dilemmas. Give us your hassle and we will return you with peace of mind.


Hurry Curry Plumbing is not just another guy there to show you some plumber’s crack. We’re there to get any and every job done expediently and effortlessly for you as possible. Our team of expert plumbers loves to work for us because we treat our employees with respect. In return they will be available for years to come and deliver that same manner to every single patron. In addition to that we really do love plumbing. Not at lot of people do, but it can be seen with our guaranteed jobs, these are done to pristine quality, and we are jovial with you every step of the way. Plumbers that are also astute conversationalists? You don’t see that every day. They could have been lawyers. But lawyers don’t get to carry oversized wrenches over their shoulders, so they went with plumbing instead.

Our Services

We have divided our services up into distinct and detailed pages in order to provide the most up to date information as well as direct you to what you need as easily as possible, because sometimes there’s not a lot of time to wait. Find the right page for the service you need right away. Or if there’s a future service you need feel free to peruse our website for all its wonderful goodness.

Not sure where to start? Give us a call (989)623-4551 and we can give you a quote for free for any job. Or put in your contact information in below at the bottom of the page and we’ll be in contact with you faster than you can say BUSTED PIPE!!

Services Offered

Emergency Plumbing Services

Plumbing catastrophes don’t give us notice when they will strike and it will likely be at the most inopportune time. That’s why at Hurry Curry Plumbing we’re available to answer your call around the clock. When you call us we will arrive at your home ASAP. There is no overtime fees and we won’t require for you to be dresses in suit and tie when you answer the door. For every emergency you can look forward to promptness and urgency to get those jobs that need the most immediate attention done as quickly as possible.

Why Trust Hurry Curry?

We’re licensed, dependable, and right on time. Whether it’s a broken line or a sewer backup we’ll be sure to be the remedy for your ails.

Our Services Can’t Be Beat

.Your plumbing problems will be quickly addressed

.We are well known for our politeness, professionalism, and courteous service

.We’ll give you the numbers upfront for prices at our best flat rate with no overtime charges

.We’ll give you suggestions to keep you from these emergencies in the future

Emergency Commercial

Hurry Curry Plumbing works with all kinds of industries, including many in the medical and retail sectors regularly. These workplaces have come to trust us due to our tract record of delivering top work each and every time. Save time and money for your business by contacting Hurry Curry Plumbing Now! (989) 623-4551

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes may go unnoticed for weeks or possibly even months. Sometimes it can seem like a simple annoyance around the house but sometimes it can be more than that. It’s crucial you get leaking fixed before it becomes more detrimental or costs you a lot in extra water you didn’t know you were using.

Plumbing repairs may get more extensive and expensive if you are not vigilant to get these leaky pipes fixed. Even more serious effects may be caused like corrosion that over a period of time can lead to unexpected costs and damage. If you notice any leaking feel free to reach out to Hurry Curry Plumbing and we’ll have just the tools and knowhow for the job.

Our plumbers are reliable and show up on time to get your leaky faucet fixed. As always we love to take the extra steps and go above and beyond to earn and keep your business and in doing so our parts and workmanship is guaranteed.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Winter can be a whole lot of fun for the whole family. From the snow forts and snowmen to the making of gingerbread houses–but frozen pipes is certainly not one to add to the list. Winter can be the most wonderful time of the year if you don’t have annoying headaches and difficulties to take care of. Prepare for cold weather by doing some maintenance around your home.

Frozen pipes can be more than a little unfortunate, they can be an extremely expensive home disaster. A single pump dumping four to eight gallons a minute can do a surprising 10’s of thousands of dollars in damage. Bursts of pipes are most likely to occur when water freezes in a pipe and expands building up extremely high pressure. This high pressure can cause the pipe to split and result in monumental damage when the ice is thawed.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes:

💧 Open a faucet and allow a slow trickle of water to flow through to prevent freezing.

💧 Allow warm air to flow freely around your pipes, maybe open the sink cabinet to allow warm air to circulate.

💧 Keep basement doors, crawl spaces, and windows weather stripped and properly sealed.

💧 Make sure your attic is insulated and protect against drafty windows and doors by replacing them or sealing them.

💧 Place a small fan near pipes to keep air circulating

💧 Drain your sprinkler system before cold weather hits

Sewer System Backups

Tree roots, leaves, debris, and other issues can be detrimental to your plumbing pipes. Our expertise will leave you speechless in our ability to repair your septic and sewer system due to tree roots and other threats to the integrity of the sewer system. We love to help repair and re-pipe all kinds of sewer systems for a wide variety of property layouts. We have the process down to an exact science.

Warning Signs of Sewer System Backup

💧 Water backup from shower, toilet, or a sink drain

💧 Multiple drain backups

💧 Strong odor from sewage from drains or outside near your home

💧 Gurgling sounds coming from a drain or toilet

💧 Pools of water around basement floor drain

Tree Root Intrusions

Pipe condensation can cause roots of trees to seek moisture and grow towards them. we have witnessed just have far roots can travel and the simplicity with which they can slip through pipe sections or cracks to infiltrate a sewage system. After trees discover water they begin to grow larger roots in that area. This will cause a clog before the pipe bursts. Common signs of intrusion include sewage backup of the toilet, bathtub, toilets producing gurgling toilets, and water in your toilet bowl.

Tree Root Intrusion Solutions

Drain Cleaning: We will chop up the root or roots causing the blockage to get your sewer functioning properly again. After that we will aid in necessary permanent solutions.

Maintenance: We offer a continuing inspection and drain cleaning plan to keep household debris and grease away. In addition unlined pipes will also be eliminated to prevent clogs from happening in the future.

Pipe Bursting: This is a permanent fix that will keep pipes clear for many years to come. We use hydraulics to break apart old sewer pipe and install a better seamless pipe.

Hydrojetting: Another long term solution is one of our highly qualified technicians cleaning out your pipes with pressurized water jets. The jets will be able to thoroughly clear out the line to eliminate any backup.

To avoid a disaster to your sewer system contact Hurry Curry Plumbing (989) 623-4551