Prevent Frozen Pipes

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Winter can be a whole lot of fun for the whole family. From the snow forts and snowmen to the making of gingerbread houses–but frozen pipes is certainly not one to add to the list. Winter can be the most wonderful time of the year if you don’t have annoying headaches and difficulties to take care of. Prepare for cold weather by doing some maintenance around your home.

Frozen pipes can be more than a little unfortunate, they can be an extremely expensive home disaster. A single pump dumping four to eight gallons a minute can do a surprising 10’s of thousands of dollars in damage. Bursts of pipes are most likely to occur when water freezes in a pipe and expands building up extremely high pressure. This high pressure can cause the pipe to split and result in monumental damage when the ice is thawed.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes:

💧 Open a faucet and allow a slow trickle of water to flow through to prevent freezing.

💧 Allow warm air to flow freely around your pipes, maybe open the sink cabinet to allow warm air to circulate.

💧 Keep basement doors, crawl spaces, and windows weather stripped and properly sealed.

💧 Make sure your attic is insulated and protect against drafty windows and doors by replacing them or sealing them.

💧 Place a small fan near pipes to keep air circulating

💧 Drain your sprinkler system before cold weather hits

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