Sewer System Backups

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Tree roots, leaves, debris, and other issues can be detrimental to your plumbing pipes. Our expertise will leave you speechless in our ability to repair your septic and sewer system due to tree roots and other threats to the integrity of the sewer system. We love to help repair and re-pipe all kinds of sewer systems for a wide variety of property layouts. We have the process down to an exact science.

Warning Signs of Sewer System Backup

💧 Water backup from shower, toilet, or a sink drain

💧 Multiple drain backups

💧 Strong odor from sewage from drains or outside near your home

💧 Gurgling sounds coming from a drain or toilet

💧 Pools of water around basement floor drain

Tree Root Intrusions

Pipe condensation can cause roots of trees to seek moisture and grow towards them. we have witnessed just have far roots can travel and the simplicity with which they can slip through pipe sections or cracks to infiltrate a sewage system. After trees discover water they begin to grow larger roots in that area. This will cause a clog before the pipe bursts. Common signs of intrusion include sewage backup of the toilet, bathtub, toilets producing gurgling toilets, and water in your toilet bowl.

Tree Root Intrusion Solutions

Drain Cleaning: We will chop up the root or roots causing the blockage to get your sewer functioning properly again. After that we will aid in necessary permanent solutions.

Maintenance: We offer a continuing inspection and drain cleaning plan to keep household debris and grease away. In addition unlined pipes will also be eliminated to prevent clogs from happening in the future.

Pipe Bursting: This is a permanent fix that will keep pipes clear for many years to come. We use hydraulics to break apart old sewer pipe and install a better seamless pipe.

Hydrojetting: Another long term solution is one of our highly qualified technicians cleaning out your pipes with pressurized water jets. The jets will be able to thoroughly clear out the line to eliminate any backup.

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