The Simple Remedy for Replacing a Toilet Seat

Your toilet may be old, raggedy, and worn out and it could be time to put in for its replacement. If so, stick around and we can tell you the proper procedure for getting this done. Grab some of these basic tools and set aside a little time and you will have a new toilet seat in no time. Take off the old toilet seat and install the new one as quickly as possible. Your first effort in toilet seat replacement is to measure the toilet seat to make sure you’re getting the right one. To be certain that you don’t have a standard sized toilet seat use a tape measure to determine the distance from bolt to bolt.

Now it’s time to do a little shopping for your toilet seat. Don’t skimp out on this part of the process as many can overlook how important it really is. Some toilet bowls even have a quiet closing ability that comes from pads under the toilet seat that prevent it from slamming. Expect the cheaper ends of toilet seats to be around $20, but many may be much pricier. Along with that selection the next tip is to get a color that fits with the rest of the bathroom around it.

The tools that you will need are a flathead screwdriver, an adjustable wrench or pliers, and WD40 or small hacksaw are optional. Grab these tools at the hardware store if they are not readily available around your home. Now it’s time to take off your old toilet seat. Aren’t you excited? Some toilets have bolt caps will need to be removed prior to getting the bolts off. Take the caps off by popping them down with your flathead screwdriver. Once you have the bolt caps off or if you don’t have any bolt caps it’s time to use the screwdriver in a counterclockwise rotation to remove the bolts. Once you have the bolts loosened a little bit it’s time to remove the old bolts with a nice turning of the hand. Remove any washers that may be present as well during this process.

Some old bolts may be stuck if they are rusting, corroded, or having difficulty turning. This is where your handy dandy WD40 comes into play to get some lubricating action going. 10 minutes should do the trick to allow for the maximum amount of loosening power. Say that process is not working or is of no use it’s time to break out the hack saw and get sawing. Now that your bolts have been properly removed you can pull off the toilet seat and begin removing it. Toss out the old toilet seat unless you think the local neighborhood squirrels may be able to use it.

Now comes the fun part, installing the new toilet seat. Put the new hinges exactly where the old ones were removed. Now that the bolts have been set correctly in their place it’s time to screw the new nuts into place. Unlike taking it off, putting the toilet seat on will require turning in a clockwise motion. Do this with both nuts and your brand-new toilet seat should be properly secured. Did you like this article? Check out Wiki How with “How to Install a New Toilet Seat” where they have pictures to help if you require them for you toilet seat installation.