The Best Way to Eliminate Fruit Flies in Your Bathroom

              Fruit flies can be an exceptionally difficult pest to get rid of in your home. One place where they are especially difficult to manage is the bathroom. Let us help you prevent these fruit flies from being in your home in the first place and fill you in on how to remove them if that becomes necessary. Prevention is always a lot easier than removal, but we are trained in the art of both. Most people as a matter of fact are not keeping fruit or food in their bathroom usually, that would be pretty gross if they were. There are great environmentally conscious ways to eliminate fruit flies that also won’t be detrimental to your health.

              Sometimes a swarm of fruit flies appear in your bathroom when you least expect it and you’re wondering how they mysteriously appeared in your bathroom overnight. Fruit flies don’t just hatch their eggs in fruit they only require a warm and wet area to hatch. Adult fruit flies can multiply extremely rapidly and lay 100 eggs at one time that consequently are able to hatch in 72 hours’ time. A baby to winged adults takes only a whopping 5 days to occur. Fruit flies may also start in another place in the house that needs to be addressed straightaway.

              Killing fruit flies in drains is a fairly straight forward process and can consist of boiled water and white vinegar to kill those pesky fruit flies. This will also be able to kill any drain gnats that may be lurking about. Clean out other subsequent drains around the house to ensure you are not experiencing the problem there.

              Trapping adult fruit flies is a slightly more difficult process but can be done, nonetheless. Some sort of food source will keep these flies about the house. Traps will consist of apple cider vinegar, cling wrap, and a small plastic bowl. Use the attractant in the dish then cover it with cling wrap tightly and poke small holes in it, then wait for the bowl to attract the fruit flies. They will then want to get into the dish but will not be able to escape the same way to whence they came. To completely eradicate the problem, you will need to find the source of it. This will be likely something rotting or things that have not been thoroughly cleaned. Clean everything up and down and don’t leave fruit flies with a reason to stay around your house any longer.

              Now that you’ve gotten rid of those annoying pests here’s how to prevent them from coming back for good in the foreseeable future. Keep cleaning around the house, especially watching for spots that may have moisture or degradable items around the house. Inspect fruit and vegetables before bringing them into your home that they are fresh and that there are not holes where fruit flies can burrow and multiply. Fruit bowls that are left out can become a huge attractant for fruit flies and need to be covered or placed in the fridge. Clean counter tops and keep them dry with a disinfectant solution. Empty trash on a regular basis to keep fruit flies away as well. Thank you to Fantastic Services and their article “How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in the Bathroom”. Check them out for any more tips and tricks on this pest issue.