Keep Tree Roots Out of Sewer Pipes

A genuine concern for any plumbing system is the possibility for tree roots to clog up a system. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to keep tree roots away from sewer lines where they can cause massive damage. Tree roots are always look for a source of hydration and nutrients, which is why it is such a common problem you should be aware of, watch out for, and actively try to prevent. Taking some of our prescribed preventative measures to keep lines clear of roots and save yourself from costly repairs and damage to your line. Check out the miss dig 811 number and give them a call to stay away from lines you shouldn’t be digging into.

              When line installers are installing line, they usually are putting root preventative substances around them to keep lines safe from roots. If this is not the case, ask those who are doing this installation or try to find out what has been done in the past to prevent root growth. Metal can also be placed around pipes to prevent roots from entering. Planting new trees is good for the environment, but you want to be sure you’re not placing new trees near where sewage lines are that can be reached. If you want to plant a tree it will probably be a good idea to plant a smaller one or be sure when planting a larger tree to keep it well away from any lines.

              Preventative measures for your sewer lines can include taking a camera and sending it down a sewer line to check for any clogs that may be present. Professionals are then able to send cables to clear out a sewer pipe and remove any clogs from the wall or roots that may be present. Don’t be discouraged by trees in your yard as they are a perfect way to increase oxygen and help the surrounding environment. They do other things like filter water and take CO2 emissions out of the atmosphere. You just don’t want them in your pipeline.

              It’s a good idea to be aware of your homes plumbing lines. Many homeowners don’t take the time to know where these important pipes are. Places like the Dig line can help you locate where your pipes are and give you a good idea if a tree is going to cause a problem with the plumbing. Hiring a professional can take the hassle off your hands when determining whether the proximity of a tree will indeed present a problem. When you are planting trees in the future it is a great idea to plant sewer safe trees. Yes, this title does exist for them. Root lines that spread out less are always a much safer bet than those that are more likely to spread out.

              A drain that is constantly clogging is a high tell sign that there may be something wrong with your drain and that it’s time to spring into action before it’s too late. Grab a regular inspection to keep things running well. For more on this issue visit “How to Prevent Tree Roots in Sewer Pipes” from Allied Foundation.