Dishwasher not Draining Properly? Here’s How to Fix it

              When the dishwasher stops draining at the most inopportune time and you have no idea what to do. Prevent this difficulty from happening by being conscientious about what you’re doing with your dish washer and what to do if it ends up not draining. If your dish washer did not drain it may be a good idea to start it again and make sure it wasn’t because of an uncompleted cycle. You can contact us at Hurry Curry Plumbing if there is still a problem, but it may be quite simple to fix your dishwasher draining problem.

              The first thing you can try is running your garbage disposal. The reason for this is because your dishwasher runs into your garbage disposal through a pipe. The draining could be being held up because of the disposal not properly eliminating all that’s left in it. Run your disposal a little longer than you might think is necessary, about 20 seconds to make sure all the food that remains has been eliminated and to have it clear for your dishwasher. Chances are running your garbage disposal a little longer may be able to make your sink smell better. Also, you can use vinegar and baking soda to run down your disposal to help freshen it up as well.

              Another issue you may be experiencing may be as a result of a missing garbage disposal. In this instance there is what’s called an air gap that is installed. Turn off your air gap counterclockwise to remove it and then clean it out with a stiff brush, for the same reason you would run your garbage disposal. By doing this you will give the water a clean pathway to empty out of the dishwasher. Another thing you can do if this doesn’t get rid of the water is you’ll have to eliminate it manually by scooping the dirty water out, then proceeding to use a towel to sop the rest of the water out.

              Proper draining may be a result of using the wrong kind of dish soap. Using regular dish soap will create suds that are not conducive to proper draining. This is why dish soap is made to not create those and you don’t want to get the two mixed up. Say you’ve made this mistake then it’s time to scoop out the soapy water and start over again.

              In the list of common issues, it is essential to make sure your drain is not having any kinks in it. This situation will plug the water and make it impossible to drain. A kinking hose problem tends to occur in the same spot time and time again. Have a kink? It may be time to replace the hose all together and eliminate your problem. Other than being kinked drain hoses can also have a clog from nearly anything being stuck in the hose. Disconnect the tube by using a screwdriver to twist it off an attempt to blow through the tube to identify a potential clog. If air is not passing through it’s a sure-fire sign you’ve got a clog. For these problems and more for resolutions we want to thank Glenda Taylor and Bob Vila with the article “Solved! What to Do When the Dishwasher Stops Draining”.

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