Plumbing Tips for Beginners

We all have to start somewhere on so many things and plumbing is no exception. Here are 5 useful tips if you want to start off on the right foot and not knee deep in sewage water. There are many instances you won’t need a major fix or to send out a professional to do the job. Of course we always love to assist but we can also help you do it yourself.

By doing some of these simple things you won’t need to get the experts involved. Having the right tools is of course a necessary first step to getting a plumbing job done correctly. If you come up with a problem you’re not sure how to handle keep our number handy (989) 623-4551 in case catastrophe occurs.

Tip #1 – Don’t Shy away from Replacing Toilet Parts

We know, the toilet can be a scary beast, but don’t fear it’s not as bad as you may assume to do some minor fixing to it. There are a lot of simple things to replace in your toilet, such as your toilet’s flapper or faucet cartridge. These products are inexpensive to buy and can easily remedy small leaks that may be occurring from them being worn down. The package to these products tells you how you, yes you, can easily replace these. If your toilet is running you can just grab some replacement parts and swap them out easily and painlessly.

Tip #2 – Removing Clogs with no Chemicals

There is a lot of hype around chemical drain cleaners but these are usually not necessary to get the job done. Grab yourself a drain snake and manually remove those things that are making it harder and harder for your water to go down the sink. Sometimes a shop vacuum can get out the culprit as well if you don’t have a drain snake.

Tip #3 – Examine Your Showerhead for Potential Issues

Take out your thread tape if you haven’t already to wrap around your shower heads threads to create a tight seal that prevents that annoying shower head leak. Make sure to wrap the tape in a clockwise direction, then re-attach the shower head. To unclog a showerhead you can simply soak it in warm water and vinegar. After soaking simply take a small brush to unclog any mineral deposits that could be blocking your stream of water.

Tip #4 – Thread Tape is Better than Thread Sealing Compounds

Thread tape in general will work just as well or better than pipe sealing compounds. Compounds can be a lot more messy than tape and will drip and smear. Multipurpose tape is generally white. The thicker ones are easier to handle. Wrap the tape around 3 times for best results.

Tip #5 – Create a More Efficient Water Heater

Sometimes you could be wasting energy and not even know it. This is evident in keeping a water heater higher than necessary. 115 degrees F is a good temperature to give most people enough hot water for their needs and not waste extra energy in heating. Make sure your water tank is insulated to conserve heat the longest. If you are in an area that sediment collects in your water heater drain a quart of water from your water heater once every 3 months. Be sure to turn off the water heater before draining it to protect yourself from hot water. Open the drain into a steel bowl or bucket and this will cause your water heater to run more efficiently.

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